The Story Behind #IrelandThanksYou

Inspired by the Brady family and founded by Tom Keogh of Keogh’s Farm, #IrelandThanksYou was created to enable the Irish people to say thank you to Frontline Heroes as there was no means to do so.

Senan (aged 5) and Jonah Brady (aged 7) posted a picture of little scene of potato heads frontline workers which they then shared on the Keogh’s Farm Facebook page, with the words: “Not All Heroes Wear Capes”.

Senan (aged 5) and Jonah (aged 7) Brady

If two young Irish boys can share such a meaningful message surely we, as a nation, we can send an equally powerful message to our frontline heroes – simply say ‘thank you.’

That’s how it started now let’s make it happen!

Who are Frontline Heroes?

Recent events have shown us who our healthcare heroes are. They don’t wear capes and they don’t fly. They may be a nurse, a doctor, a speech therapist, physio or support staff, anyone on the frontline in our healthcare system who deserves a thank you.


Cartoon by artist Malcolm Mayes, Edmonton Journal.