Ireland Thanks You

Help to raise funds for Irelands Frontline Healthcare Workers

Helping you ‘Thank’ Ireland’s Frontline Healthcare Heroes

We believe that the people of Ireland want to say a big thank you to our Frontline Heroes in healthcare and our goal is to help you do just that.

Using your donations, we aim to raise €500,000 to fund a target of 5,000 special #IrelandThanksYou gift cards which we will gift on your behalf to our Healthcare Heroes who are fighting on the frontlines across Ireland against Covid 19.

Target = €500,000

Donations so far = €100,330

I want to make

T-Shirt Donations

to support our frontline heroes

I want to


to thank our frontline heroes

Helping You Thank Ireland’s Frontline Heroes!

Ireland Thanks You is a not for profit initiative established to enable the Irish People to thank our Frontline Healthcare Workers

Say thank you by donating to our fund – Every donation goes towards purchasing a #IrelandThanksYou special edition One4All gift card for a Frontline Healthcare worker battling against Covid 19

We are all in this together!

Donate and help spread the word … Wear blue, share a T-Shirt Selfie to send your message of thanks to our heroes

How does Ireland Thanks You work?

We’re a nation of givers, sharers and carers and we want to show our gratitude to our Frontline Heroes. But how? It’s very simple.


Your donations go directly towards funding #IrelandThanksYou special edition One4All gift cards with a target value of €100 each


Plus, you’ll receive a free #IrelandThanksYou 100% cotton imperial T-shirt for every €25 donated. So you can spread the word – ‘I said thank you’.


Working with healthcare management we will deliver vouchers to our Frontline Healthcare workers battling against Covid 19

Irish businesses have got together to cover the cost of the T-Shirt. 100% of the funds we receive from your GoFundMe donation go to our Frontline Healthcare Heroes.

A Special Thanks to …

We want to thank all the Irish businesses that have joined forces to fund this campaign. If you or your business want to help in any other way please contact us