We need your support by raising funds for Irelands Frontline Healthcare Workers

Whether running 10k or hiking the stairs, Shaving your hair off, or walking in pairs, if you’re taking up Yoga to stand on your head, Or camping outside, in a makeshift bed……

Whatever you do, Do it in Blue,
To help raise funds, that Say “Thank You”

100% of the funds raised go directly to Healthcare Heroes to say “Thank You” for fighting on the frontlines across Ireland against COVID 19.

How can my business get involved?

1. Corporate Donations of any value
How? Donate here

2. Become an Official Campaign Sponsor
How? Email us at Contact@irelandthanksyou.ie to find out more.

3. Host your own “Wear Blue to Work Day”
How? encourage your team to donate and wear our campaign T-Shirt. Share a Social Distancing Selfie, or a Zoom Meeting Screenshot to:
@IrelandThanksYou #IrelandWearsBlue #IrelandThanksYo

4. Take the “Do it in Blue” Challenge
How? Challenge your team to raise as much as you can in whatever way you can. Email your fundraising idea to Contact@irelandthanksyou.ie and find out how to get your FREE T-Shirt & Fundrasing Goodie Box.

Get involved and receive a Free T-Shirt plus a Fundraising Goodie box!